Places to Eat in Salem Oregon

Downtown Salem Oregon is a hub for some of the best places to eat in Salem that always impress.

Places to Eat in Salem Oregon, Urban Foraging at it’s Best!

From American Comfort Food to Pub Grub to the many ethnic foods and European dining in brick and mortar restaurants, and the Fusion food truck in between, places to eat in Salem Oregon are plentiful.

It’s a daily decision or two. We know it’s important to fuel our bodies adequately. We all have to eat right?  But What, and WHERE?  Today’s busy lives don’t leave a lot of room for meals, let alone meal planning.  And how do we know where the really good food is? Has it been sourced well, prepared safely? Responsibly served with any shred of kind hospitality? Or are you so busy you’re like me, and you forget sometimes? Then it’s too late, and the many good places to eat in Salem Oregon close at 9 p.m.

But then there’s Brown’s Towne Lounge. The full Dinner menu is available until 11 p.m. (Midnight on Friday and Saturday). YES, late night dinner at 11:30 on the weekend happens all the time. Order the Steak and Mashed potatoes Dinner, the buttery and locally sourced Wagyu burger, one of the many vegetarian meals or a creative big salad.  You can even have Breakfast for Dinner! Like pancakes, French Toast, or a Bacon Egg Breakfast Croissant.  

Many places to eat in Salem Oregon choose to take Sunday off to close as well.  Not Brown’s Towne Lounge!  Open at 11 a.m. daily for lunch, but Sunday is the Funday, so it’s Happy Hour from open to 1:30 a.m.. Sunday Brunch is 11-3 p.m., with 3 Bloody Mary specials, Mimosas, and $3.50 Screwdrivers, and well, the famously scrumptious Brown’s Towne BACON(!) is everywhere.

Great food pairs best with good and kind people.  Brown’s Towne Summer Sunday Brunch is among the most enjoyable times to use the outdoor seating on the lively, heart-of-downtown Salem sidewalk. Friendly bartenders even make sure your dog has a drink of water while you relax! 

Find the best places to eat in Salem Oregon. Browns Towne Lounge Salem Oregon is featuring prime rib every Friday night. 😍 Slow-roasted, juicy and flavorful, we’ll have it until it runs out.