July Events

Saturday, July 5th, at 10 pm -1 am Patrimony Blues/Rock

“Patrimony is a young, fresh, and lively take on Rock and Roll. Patrimony in definition means “inheritance from ancestry”. The band consists of three musicians, which forms an equilateral triangle of writing, performing, and friendship.

Inspired heavily by everything from Beethoven to Led Zeppelin and so forth, the withering sounds of Patrimony reach to the sky while maintaining a grounding with the roots.” Trevor Scott Music http://patrimony.bandcamp.com

Saturday July 12th, at 10 pm – 1 am – The Schumman Frequencies

“Melodic fuzz-laden indie brilliance that will leave you swerving to inspired tunes and staring at your laces with a smile. fine products of Chicago, Main, and Oregon vintage underground roots that are bound to spark nostalgia.”

Saturday July 19, at 10 pm – 1 am –  Lemhouse and The Sublimities, Hot Hoo Doo



Thursday, July 24th, at 6 pm to 8 pm – Piano, Sax and vocals with John Cuddy and Friends

Friday July 25, 10 pm – 1 am – Salem post-rockers Superchurch pick up the crucible of rock with Portland DIY punkers Faithless Saints for a night of irreverence. 


Saturday July 26, 10 pm – 1 am Acoustic Sets with Bryan Mudrick of Human Shaped Earth, and Chase Weisner, (formerly of Nodding Tree Remedies), Roman Tick

  • Check out our Appetizers, and try the Cheese Candy on some Apple slices! New Summer Cocktail menu, ask your server about daily fresh ingredients!
  • Enjoy our outside seating and don’t forget every Sunday at Brown’s Towne is Liquid Sunday! What better way to recover from the raucousness of the night before than having a little bit of the “hair of the dog that bit you” the next day? Start with our Bloody Mary Brunch.

Special Brown’s Towne Bloody Mary’s and Happy Hour from 11 am to close.